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Financially Fit   Transformation Challenge


ENDS FEBRUARY 15th, 2019

The Top Two New Year goals are improving your finances and your body! So this year for our Transformation Challenge we are teaming up with the people over at Perspective Wealth Planning so that you can get the best of both worlds!


We want everyone to be able to reach their goals financially and weight wise! Whether it's weight loss or simply keeping individuals accountable and on the grind, we want to help with that journey. With this being said, we are pleased to announce our Financially Fit Transformation Challenge!  


The TOP 2 individuals who show the greatest transformation will be chosen as the winners - this includes ONE male and ONE female! A cash prize will be rewarded to these individuals. The amount of the cash prize is to be determined depending on the number of participants. We will also be giving out a plaque with your NAME on it to show off your hard work! Probody Nutrition and Supplement Store is also sponsoring this with a $50 Gift Card to the Winner, both male and female. The eligibility to win a cash prize shouldn't be your main motivation for improving yourself, but makes the challenge even more fun and competitive.

What's Included ?

You will receive the following once you enroll:

(instructions for all items will be included in the e-mail)


1) Six Weeks of full-body Workout Plan - weight training, cardio, etc. 

2) Meal Plan 

3) Grocery List - broken down by each macro-nutrient 

4) Recommended Supplements 

5) Customized Financial Plan based on your needs



Challenge also includes:

1) UNLIMITED e-mailing (comments, questions, concerns, etc.) 

2) Application on your smartphone that will contain workouts, meal plans, & tracking methods


Why This Benefits YOU ?

Through this program, you will learn: 


  • How to break down workouts by different muscle groups

  • Proper technique/form for each exercise

  • Importance of nutrition and training

  • CARDIO and why it is important

  • Foods that are optimal in reaching YOUR specific macronutrient goals

  • Why and how supplements can be beneficial

  • Learn about your finances and how to properly manage them

  • Work with a Financial Planner to hit your finance needs

Previous Winners!

Female Winner

Male Winner 

Signing Up

The challenge cost is $100. Following payment you will receive an e-mail regarding ALL detailed information needed in order to get started. The DEADLINE to sign-up for the challenge is Friday, January 4th!

*** The $100 cost of the challenge goes towards building the nutrition and workout plans.  The cash prize and gift card to the winners are being offered by Probody Nutrition Store.  Perspective Wealth Planning will be providing their financial analysis on a complementary basis.  For more information about Perspective Wealth Planning, visit their website at**

John BeforeandAFTER
John BeforeandAFTER
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Brooke Transformation
Brooke Transformation
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RUSS_2011 to 2015
RUSS_2011 to 2015
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Hillary Before and After
Hillary Before and After
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Susan Transformation
Susan Transformation
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